Thursday, March 13, 2008

RITA! What a Lady!

RITA is the state agency hired by the city of Youngstown to collect city taxes from those who work and do business within the city limits. Nearly everyone I know resents RITA and the city for collecting these taxes. Personally I don't resent paying my city taxes and I am glad that RITA has made it easy for me as a subcontractor to pay these taxes. I get a nice notice in the mail, a brief formula for figuring what I owe and a convenient place downtown to pay in cash if I desire.
I receive so many benefits from the city that at times I am actually glad to pay. These days so many organizations get a chunk of my money, including the Church and various art and cultural organizations, that I figure I am paying my dues to be a part of a club of 85,000 members. Consider what you are getting for your money: great location in the state, great inner city parks, a convocation center, impressive downtown events to name just a few. So take my advice: pay it, shut up and enjoy the city.

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