Friday, October 30, 2015

Public Arts Project : Proposal : PRF 3

My sole effort here is to generate money and organize a system so that the community can be compensated for their loss of the Lemon Mural. I don't believe I should receive any money or benefit directly from this project.

Currently there is a tremendous amount of outdoor wall space in downtown Youngstown. Since many historic buildings were demolished, there are huge walls of ugly, exposed brick and plaster.   
Youngstown has a growing art scene with two new galleries having opened recently. We have many artists available who are new graduates from the Youngstown State University Art Department who need exposure.

We live at an amazing time for digital technology and printing.

The money generated form Harver and Martini's PRF Experience will go to fund a digital mural project.  I would like to see a minimum of $5,000 devoted to this project.

A contest will be held for regional artists and it will be conducted in a public internet forum. They will submit digital images of paintings, photographs, prints, etc. that will be enlarged to mural size and be hung outdoors in downtown Youngstown.

There will be NO COST to enter. The artist's compensation will be having their name, business name, website (or whatever they wish) printed clearly at the bottom of the mural.

A digital mural printed on vinyl for outdoor use, with a lifespan of 3-5 years, at a size of 12x20 feet, with photography, digital processing, shipping and installation, will cost about $1,200 dollars on average. A higher quality vinyl print may be somewhat more.

 Joseph Vincent Martini. Professional Wrestler and Youngstown Business Owner
 Photoshopped Sample

Natalia Lepore Hagan. Entertainer from Youngstown.
Photoshopped Sample

For real life examples of digital art murals, visit downtown Youngstown and view the Butler Institute of American Art's Digital Mural Project. A mural can be seen across from the DeYor Performing Arts Center and 2 are in the old Cedar Cafe' courtyard. These Murals were installed over 20 years ago and are still holding up well. Recently YBI installed a very large digital sign downtown and YSU installed 2 massive digital art banners of penguins on Stambaugh Stadium.

Saturday, October 24, 2015


  Mahoning County Courts Record from searching the persons name 
using Public Access
 court records

Maybe a bear like this will help him feel better. He can cuddle with it when he gets hurt and angry

Friday, October 23, 2015

Lemon Mural : Eulogy

When Jacob Harver purchased the Knox building, I had 2 weeks to paint the ceiling mural 'Cosmic Lemon Consciousness' before the place opened. We knew the move was imminent and I had been doing preparatory sketches for almost a year. 

 When the day arrived, I was in very bad shape. I'd just broken up with my fiancee' a few months before and my Endocrinologist had given me some very bad news about my health. Seems I had a serious condition that would soon lead to very aggressive cancer if I didn't have surgery. Apparently this disease ran in the family and had killed my father. Emotionally, I was dangerously depressed. Physically, I was in excruciating muscle pain and profoundly exhausted.  I couldn't fathom how I could possibly gather myself together to paint the ceiling mural, which involved climbing scaffolding and working in yoga like stress positions for many hours a day. I was on heavy medications for my messed up mind and body which left me weak, dizzy and nauseous.  My worst fear was of passing out and falling from the scaffolding. The various specialists that were treating me (including a Neurologist and a Psychiatrist) all demanded that I not do any sort of physical activity until my health stabilized.

Late one night I meditated under the vaulted ceiling where the mural was to be painted, the inset track lighting glowing dimly. This was a grand opportunity for me that I didn't want to pass up. I was at the peak of my talent and wanted to share my work with the community. I expressed to the Universe my quandary and opened myself to anything the cosmos would bring. Nothing happened and I went home, exhausted as usual.

The next day however, I felt strange, as if something had moved into my mind and body and pushed me aside. It was a very powerful, intelligent presence that was was unnerving, even scary. This strange electricity was moving through my brain, nerves and muscles. I had no pain, depression or any other symptoms and I felt energized. Immediately I went to the Knox building, set up the scaffolding and began to paint. I worked furiously for 12 hours at a stretch, painting well into the night for 2 solid weeks. There were times that I, Jason, felt absolutely exhausted and sat it out, while this force worked powerfully through me. Because of having to work so close to the ceiling I couldn't see clearly what I was doing, so I had to climb down from the scaffolding to view my work every 10 minutes, then climb right back up again. The only time I'd ever been able to work like that was when I was a healthy teenager stacking hay in a hot barn. The situation was so strange that I fought to gain control of my body. Having this powerful other 'presence' inside of me was absolutely and profoundly weird. Finally I gave up fighting and it took completely over. In a way I felt as if I'd fallen asleep. When I 'awoke' 2 weeks later, the mural was finished.

On the final day of painting, as the mural was just about done, I could feel the strange presence leaving. Exhaustion overwhelmed me and I went home and slept for a very long time. When I awoke my body was wracked with pain. It was excruciating. I was feverish and morbidly depressed. Far worse than before I'd started the mural. My muscles kept cramping and locking up. It was exquisite misery. I stayed that way for over a year.

The presence, however, left something else behind besides the mural. It had changed me somehow. I began to realize that there were greater forces outside of our reality that have an active interest in our lives. I was left with the conviction that this presence not only came to my aid, but also wanted to deliver an important message in the form of Art to our community. It saw that we are open and willing to embrace a new, bright future and it wanted to make its own contribution; to let us know that we haven't been forgotten by the Universe and that our City is important on a Cosmic scale.

I went to see my doctors not long after and they found that, miraculously, my serious health condition was slowly reversing itself. My blood-work was showing that I was suddenly moving from a danger area into a 'gray zone' and they couldn't justify surgery. However it was still a very shaky year, but gradually I pulled out of a very dangerous place. I think my renewed faith in the powers of the cosmos played a huge role, but something about that powerful energy moving through my body seemed to have jumpstarted my health.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Jacob Harver and Dan Martini : The REAL reason I am so PISSED OFF

Jason Van Hoose-Artist

As of this writing I have NO criminal record whatsoever and I have never been arrested. I have a clean driving record, no debt, and full coverage on my car. 
Since I have a business I have to see a tax preparer yearly to file my taxes. This service costs at least $250.00.
I have a good reputation as a business person, an artist and human being.

My reputation is EXTREMELY important to me and I make a sincere effort to maintain it. It is no easy task.

 It totally sucks when lying, cowardly people like Jacob Harver and Dan Martini exploit people for their own ends. Neither one informed me about the extent of Dan's criminal problems with the FBI. If I had known how bad this was, I would have gotten disentangled from the Knox building, Martini Brothers and the Lemon Grove LLC when Dan came on board almost 2 years ago.

 Based on what I DID know, I began to disentangle myself from the situation starting about a year ago.

It is damn disgusting and tragic that the behavior of these two jackasses will affect the good reputations of many decent people and further mar the image of our city. Over a MILLION people will see it all when the Bar Rescue episode airs.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

New Mural 2015

'Allegory for the Moon and Sun'
Acrylic on Canvas
9 feet by 12 feet
Transportable Mural