Thursday, October 30, 2008

Artist Reception, Oakland Center for the Arts

                          Large Format Digital Image by Nea Bristol/Michelle Orostin

     The Star Gallery, Oakland Center for the Arts, will hold a reception for the artists participating in "Candied Macabre", a show of dark and disturbing images. 

 The reception begins at 6pm and runs until 8pm on Friday, October 31st. We will serve wine and food. 

 The Oakland will also be featuring "Night of the Living Dead" which begins at 8pm and a midnite performance at well.

 Find out just how  scary Youngstown culture can be! Visit the Oakland and Star Gallery on Halloween and cap it off with a long night of partying in haunted downtown Youngstown!

See the post below for more information on the participating artists.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Candied Macabre

Candied Macabre, a show of work by Youngstown based artists James Pernotto, Michelle Orostin and William Youngman will open tonight, October 24th at the Oakland Center for the Art's Star Gallery in conjunction with the theater performance, "Night of the Living Dead".

 James Pernotto is considered a keystone figure in Youngstown art community. He has provided us with advice and opportunities but garners most respect from his peers due to his high skill level and artistic vision. Pernotto is showing 4 large format paintings, 2 of which are from his "Side Show Series".  The works  from this series are paintings on handmade, sculpted paper and are titled "The Wildman of Borneo" and "Scarface, The Human Zipper". Currently Pernotto is teaching  Drawing at Penn State University and keeps a studio in downtown Youngstown.  View Pernotto's Website.

 Michelle Orostin, professionally known as Nea Bristol, is a master of traditional photography who has delved into the world of digital imagery. Her work is dark and surreal, with an emphasis (in this show) on childhood, spirituality and domesticity. I find her work disturbing and controversial. Initially, as curator, I was concerned the work would require me to post warnings outside the gallery. Orostin is currently teaching Photography at Youngstown State University and keeps a lavish studio in an historic mansion on the city's North Side. She  is currently showing her work  in a gallery at the  Devil's Night Deposition in the Hasting Street Ballroom, Detroit. Read about it  here  and   View a sample of her work.

William Youngman, professionally known as Atrijata, is an emerging artist on the Youngstown scene. A young father of 2, Youngman's work places a great deal of emphasis on his children and domestic life. His work explores the fears and deep concerns that parents face  while living and raising children in a severely disturbed world. Metaphor and visual poetry are Youngman's strong points. Elements such as giant spiders and nuclear blasts hint at the powerful, yet undefined problems that haunt a society which enshrines domestic bliss. I suspect we will be hearing a great deal more of Mr. Youngman in the near future. View his website.

 We are working diligently on a reception for the artists, but we have not yet settled on a time. However, please visit the gallery during theater performances of  Night of the Living Dead. We will be open throughout all performances on October 24th, 25th, 26th, 30th, and November 1st, starting at 8pm. You do not have to attend the performance to visit the Star Gallery.

We are located at 220 West Boardman Street in Wonderful Downtown Youngstown!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Front Page Headlines!!!!

Yep, that's me on the FRONT page of  the latest edition of The Catholic Exponent! Thanks to Debora Shaulis Flora for her fine article and photography. I  especially appreciate that she included my family history in the article as this sheds a light of insight on my artistic and spiritual life. 

 Many people have been asking me where they can find a FEROCIOUS  RED and GOLD WILDCAT ROLLERCOASTER T-shirt like the one I am wearing in the photo.  Contact 

 Also a shout out to my friends at St. Columba's for all their support over the passed year.