Thursday, December 4, 2008

Patrick Hyland at the Star Gallery

Patrick Hyland, long time favorite son of the Youngstown art scene, will be showing a body of recent work at the Star Gallery, Oakland Center for the Arts, in conjunction with the near sold out theater performance, "How the Drag Queen Stole Christmas".

The work in this show may not be quite what collectors of Mr. Hyland's work would expect. Known for his photographs of dramatic landscapes, this show, in contrast, features abstracted images of geological formations. Strange faces  and other body parts emerge from rocky surfaces, much in the same vein as a Rorchache Test. Nearly everyone who has entered the gallery is taken aback not only by the  bold images themselves but how their minds blatantly interpret what is being perceived. At the very least it makes for entertaining conversation. At the most, one is left with a profound sense of unease and self questioning. Without going in to great detail, let's just say that in some strange way, this show, with it's Freudian implications, certainly fits well with the gender bending theme of the theater performance.......!

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