Thursday, February 18, 2016

New Young's Town : Part 2 : Ruralization : Wildlands

 The area outside of New Young's Town, known as the Wildlands, was  fully taken by the forces of Ruralization by the late Twentieth Century. Appalachian Whites, migrant Hispanics, poor country folk from the surrounding counties and African Americans with rural southern roots moved in as the immigrant industrial workers fled. They reside in the remaining houses and attempt to eke out livings very much the way they have been doing for 200 years in rural America.
 People of the Wildlands have created a Rural Economy that involves farming, construction, recycling, demolition, hunting, storage, drug dealing, mechanical work, and consultation. Many are artisans, such as metal workers, printers, bakers, woodworkers and members of the Creative Class who benefit from the local cultural industry provided by the museums, university and suburban areas.
 Sadly, this area is afflicted with all the same problems of the Rural Midwest: drugs, gangs, entrenched poverty, inadequate health care, poor education, low water quality to name just a few. The difference in life quality between those that live outside of New Young's Town and those that live within it is astounding.


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