Sunday, May 22, 2016

Art For Life 2016 : Pizzuti Collection : UPDATE

Viridian Morning. Oil on Canvas. 40x60 inches. 2016.
Art For Life Fundraiser 2016. Sponsored by Pizzuti Collection.
Columbus, Ohio.

September 24, 2016. Columbus Museum of Art. Art for Life Auction.
My Painting Viridian Morning was purchased by Dr. William Mains and Brian Smith.
$640,000.00 was the total amount raised.

Pizzuti Collection asked me to participate in the Columbus, Ohio based Art for Life  2016  fundraiser/auction.  
  Art For Life raises funds for AIDS Research and services. Pizzuti Collection is a powerful arts organization located in Columbus, Ohio that supports regional and international artists.

This year's auction will take place at the Columbus Museum of Art on September 24th, 2016.
Art For Life Fundraiser is considered to be the most prestigious cultural event in Columbus and I am very pleased to be involved.
VIP ticket price $350.00. Purchase HERE
Great article from Sotheby's about Pizzuti Collection HERE

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