Monday, January 28, 2008

Graffiti Pics from Bear's Den

The graffiti shown is within 50 feet of Bear's Den Cabin. These are just a few of the examples to be found here. Approximately 15 are in this immediate area and more are farther downstream from the Cabin.

This piece is well over 3x5 feet and is within view of Bear's Den Cabin.

This very expressive piece, rich in emotion and drama, incorporates the use of Fluorescent Chartreuse spray enamel over moss, lichen and raw stone. It is 3x2 feet.
This is an unique piece amongst the works at Bear's Den as it incorporates a Living Tree! How original! Bravo!

This piece, modestly placed in a crevice, appears to be the latest work on a boulder that has been sandblasted. It seems those anti art park caretakers have removed previous works! It is well that they did for it allowed this talented young person to leave his artistic statement for future generations.

This piece is truly the coup de' tat of the Bear's Den Graffiti Collection. It is a large work well over 4x10 feet. Multiple colors are used and appears to be the cumulative work of several artists. One can see the anguish, joy, fears, and spiritual electricity that pulse through the veins of our youth. Those old cave painters of Lascaux have nothing on this bunch!


Human Stain said...

Your disdain has convinced me that the graffiti is the most interesting and provocative work you've discussed on this blog. It beats the hell out of the canned, unrelenting praise for establishment art that you typically go for. I've always felt that real art, not just pretty things we hang on the wall, inspires us to think about and debate our world. It has something to say. Sure, these kids are primitive and uneducated (i.e. on the right track), but through their images, medium, and surface they're giving us a lot to chew on. At the very least, in an America where most people are bound and gagged wage slaves with seldom heard internet voices (I'm looking in a mirror), these kids have succeeded in shoving their simple passions down some people's throats. And guess what? They didn't have to kiss anyone's ass at the Butler, or YSU, or Art Youngstown to get it done. And oh yeah, we get it for free with none of the awkward and desperately debilitating machinations of modern art sales. You were actually allowed to photograph it. It's for everyone to do with whatever they wish. It's not a piece of intellectual property for some sad narcissist to cling to based on the rule of law. You gotta love an artist that has enough balls to not transform into a used car salesperson. These kids are just being themselves and you hate them for it when you should be encouraging it with reservations. So who gives a fuck? What else is new? At least they're not where most people would like them to be, "safely" sitting on their asses and eating shit food while honing their killing skills on some stupid video game. And if you're looking for something "nice" in this art, try seeing it as a sentimental relic celebrating a more innocent time when kids got into trouble by simply smoking weed, dropping acid, and doing a little graffiti. It's a local tradition. I'm sure Mother Mill Creek will gladly survive this minor transgression, especially as long as she knows that in their own weird way, these dastardly kids might actually be showing signs of being decent people. In light of all the true human bullshit she's survived over the years, this is nothing.
By the way, I noticed that you felt the need to identify these kids as "white" in your first post on the subject. What does their race have to do with the price of tea in China? Oh well, it's 8 am. As we like to so eloquently say around here: "It's time to get my drank on."

In Fond Disagreement,

The Human Stain

Mojo said...

Human stain, What a bunch of dribble. If you think its so important for these kids to express themselves artistically, why don't you offer them your house or car as a canvas? I see that you have no understanding or appreciation of natural beauty. Why don't you take some of your angst and do something constructive with it?

Debra Weaver said...

I don't have a problem with graffiti art per se, but not in the park! Besides, I seriously doubt that the people who did this were thinking "art", they were thinking vandalism. Is "art" art if there is no "intent" by the maker to create art? It seems to me that there is a difference.

Anonymous said...

I imagine that your comments under each of the photos are sarcastic, but it inadvertently comes off as though you're praising the art. That's how it came off to me and I imagine other folks will interpret it in the same way.

susie said...

This "art" is vandalism. It has violated this tranquil and spiritually rejuvenating landscape. I'm all for "art on the edge" and there is more than enough safe art around here, but as Debra says there is no artistic intent here... This stain by humans reflects a society that does not respect and value nature or each other. This makes me very sad. The only bright spot (albeit a pinpoint) is Jason's "gallery show" presentation, dripping with irony and reflecting his profound disappointment for these acts of violence toward our park. Thank you Jason for your empathy and deep caring.

Human Stain said...

Yeah, I remember when the Davis center was being built in the park. Countless trees were murdered to make room for that establishment monstrosity. Is that what you call art? Some lit up dump that serves overpriced food? I didn't hear any of you defend the park when that irrevocable damage was being done. But hey, a few kids do a little spray painting and look out, let's all meet at Cedar's and form a lynching party!

Hey Mojo- In your attempt to put me in my place, I believe the word you were fumbling for is DRIVEL, not DRIBBLE. Back to the matter at hand, I constantly see people at YSU INTEND to slide through art classes by making contrived paintings. More often than that, I see people INTEND to make money by making contrived paintings. And what about the people who occasionally make paintings and subsequently call themselves artists because they don't have what it takes to find the job they really want. The ones that become "artists by default." Is it art when their intention is so pathetically cynical? They then put that shit in galleries and call it "art" and themselves "artists." Why not call THEM out? Or would it be a bit too much like self-abuse to do so? I admit that what these kids do is primitive, but in being primitive I still see it as a form of protest that shows much more courage than a gaggle of over-priced penguins with paint slopped across their plaster facades. It means more to me to see some kids protesting something in their lives than it does to view the product of some anal adult futzing over a canvas, trying to imitate digital photography. Every time I've seen someone "vandalize" a symbol of the establishment, I've found reason to call it art. Unfortunately, the park is just that to many people, a symbol of the establishment. It's been abducted by moneyed, gray philanthropists who think they know what's best, and it gets treated accordingly.
Regarding the park and my knowledge of it, I go there nearly every day of my life. For me, it's a vital source of inspiration, peace, and health. That's how I honor the park, and personally, I find it to be much more effective than a few angry words spun across cyberspace. I know how often you people go there. That's how well I know the park. To put it mildly, you take her place in this community for granted. She wants you to go visit her, but you're too goddamn sick and unhealthy to do so most of the time. If you don't need her help, she doesn't need yours. And no, I don't want the park to be covered with graffiti and I want this to stop. If you see anything else in my message, you're suffering from a serious case of the narrow and biased witch hunter's mentality. I just happen to believe that her power is so immense that she will easily overcome this time honored issue. In other words, no lynching party is necessary. However, I think that a bunch of grown ups creating a blog to piss and moan about a relatively mild issue is ridiculous, especially when it's laced with such apparent hypocrisy and snide references to artistic ability. I guess none of you were ever uneducated kids with no direction but a lot on your minds and no clue how to express it. I know I once was, and I always thought that people like you should get a fucking life. Or better yet, why don't you hunt these kids down and give them some art lessons. What about some studio space? Oh, but that's right, according to this site, we now have to apply to the Youngstown Art Blog administrator in order to qualify for the secret studio spaces. What the hell is going on here? Oh well. Have a nice day. I'm in the midst of an all day cocktail drinking/bong smoking hour.

In Fond Disagreement,

The Human Stain

Anonymous said...

I am sure these kids would find it funny that someone is defending their "artwork"... they weren't doing this to express anything. Well, they might have been trying to express the fact that they got their greasy little hands on a few cans of spray paint.

God said...

you have my permission to physically harm the people who did this.

That reminds me, I should smite the human stain while I am at it.

- the big G

jason said...

Geeez! Human Stain needs to get his own Blog! There is enough material in his comments for at least 4 blogs. If he elobarated even slightly on the ideas presented here(which I think he should)there would be enough material for at least a Year! Of course that would probably cut into his valuable drinking and drug abuse time.

cedarwannabee said...

here here jay always the voice of reason.
hypocrit stain. I know of some misguided kids who could use your elitist narciscistic mentoring. They currently reside on victor and kimmel aves.with spray cans and 9's in hand. grow up and understand what civility means. better yet join the army request Iraq and then you'll see the artwork you so much enjoy.

victorville said...

human stain has more issues than graffiti in the park and a hell of alot of hot air but isn't this the point of blogs? funny how stain continues to visit here being so bothered by the progress of the arts in youngstown.
stain, it seems you have misunderstood'd be surprised to find you have more in common with him than you think.

Mojo said...

Human Stain,
I would love to show you my appreciation for your fine taste and eclectic sense of homour. Allow me to express my "establishment" views of your rants by rendering you a virtual, blog-choking pile of steaming excrement in your honour. On your car hood. With a candle on top. Now, that's art! I'm sure you'd love it!

Anonymous said...

Realizing that the recent history of graffiti art is closely tied to gang activities, I, nonetheless, admit that I like it. Although I don't care for artwork of any kind that I consider to be tasteless, and by that I mean, verbally abusive, ethnically or racially insulting, or sexually explicit, I do like the color, composition, and form that exemplifies true graffiti art. I've seen some great stuff on boxcars as I've waited for trains to roll through the crossing where I live. I believe it has redeeming artistic value and is a legitimate means of expression for a segment of our society. That being said, however, I have to agree that the stuff in Mill Creek Park is not artwork and certainly does not belong there. I, too, think it speaks more to urban vandals than to urban artists and should be removed. It violates the natural beauty of the Park and is an insult to those who appreciate that beauty.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah -- regarding the Stain -- you're the one who needs a life -- and maybe some classes in critical thinking and debate. Your vehement use of profanity and belligerent style do nothing to enhance your arguments. I don't get to the Park as much as I used to, but I spent whole summers there when I was young and I would like my grandchildren to have the same privilege. Maybe the Board isn't doing as much as it could to preserve the integrity of the Park but that's another issue. If you can do better, why don't you take them on and get appointed? Or would you rather just rant about the rest of us establishment wage slaves with the lynch-mob mentality?

Anonymous said...

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Marlene said...

I am so disheartened to see this graffiti in Mill Creek Park. It makes me sad. And No! It is NOT "art". It is pure vandalism. Better these kids should take some hikes, observe, maybe volunteer to work in the Park.

This Park has been my Spiritual Home since I was a child ~ over 65 years. I spent every day in this park, living across from Lake Newport. I meditated here as a child. Observed the earth, the colors of the soil, the trees, the light shining between the branches. Later on I took walks and observed and became one with the Breath of the rocks, and the land, and the trees all around me.

In my later years, when I returned to Youngstown to teach, I walked every single day, all seasons, throughout the Park. For miles. It was my refuge. And now, when I visit, walking in Mill Creek Park is one of my foremost reasons for returning once again.

This is not "art". This is stupid, angry graffiti. And it has NO PLACE on beloved beautiful rocks, or on trees. Nature is our refuge, our golden silence. It is within us. Shame on you, those who support and defend this kind of vandalism. [I apologize my comments are so long.]