Sunday, February 17, 2008

Art Youngstown Wine Tasting at the Youngstown Club

Congratulations again to Art Youngstown for yet another successful, well attended art event. Thanks to Emerine Estates and the Youngstown Club for the Wine, the use of the hall and the staff.
These pics were shot well before most of the guests arrived and the place was full by mid evening, but not uncomfortably so.
To say this event was a "wine tasting" is an understatement as the wine flowed freely and abundantly all night.
Several artists demonstrated their skill and their paintings were auctioned later in the evening. Above, Karen Wennberg (Art Youngstown's computer whiz) works on a delicate painting of a heart shaped galaxy.

Willie Duck, artist extrordinaire, creates an interior painting of the event.

The local gentry enjoying the wine warmed atmosphere.

Purple is such a fine color for a Lenten wine tasting, no?

Needless to say there were many charming, beautiful, well dressed ladies in attendance.

Ah, the music.

By the way, I still had plenty of time to make it to the Oaks for the Pavlick fight with plenty of time to spare once the Wine Tasting was over. Shame on all you art supporters who opted for a pre-fight party in a bar somewhere.


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