Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Downtown Youngstown Art History


Oakland Center for the Arts.
Oakland Theater. Ballet Western Reserve. Star Gallery.

Scott Pergandes building. West Federal Street.
Housed several residents. had multiple art studios. Art Gallery. Hosted yearly christmas and halloween parties and other events. Huge art and antique collection on permanent display.

Bone Hole. West Federal Street.
Art and music studios. Held many art related parties. Several art studios. several residents.

Al Brights Studio. West Federal Street
housed  gigantic art studio and his massive collection of authentic african art.

Mad Love. West Federal Street.
art studio and residents.

Tom Krakar Gallery. Fine Art Gallery that hosted many gallery shows. West Federal Street.

Best Art. Jim Pernotto. Federal Plaza. Multiple art studios and galleries.

Art Attack Studios. Chris Yambar. Housed many studios.

Coy Cornelius Gallery. Housed multiple studios, residents and a Fine Art Gallery. Martin Luther and Belmont Ave.

Ward Bakery. Many studios and art galleries. Lower Mahoning Ave.

Cedar Bar and Cafe. Music venue that displayed artwork, he,d poetry reading and was the premier watering hole for the arts community.

Downtown Draught House.  West Federal Street. Bar that was important to the West End Art community.

Beat Coffee House. Daytime watering hole of YSU Art students. Hosted monthly art shows and weekly music events.

Clingan Waddell Hall. Ceramic and Sculpture studios for YSU. Now is named Penguin Place and houses honor students. No longer part of the YSU Art Department.

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