Saturday, January 9, 2016

Soap Gallery - Anastasia Soboleva

Soap Gallery, downtown Youngstown, hosts an amazing exhibition of art by women from Northern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. All the work is of high quality and represents some of the finest paintings, sculpture, drawings and ceramics that our region has to offer. 
The opening was very well attended and had a definite metropolitan feel, tempered with our warm, small town quaintness.
The star of the show, in this artist's humble opinion, is Anastasia Soboleva, a successful, internationally recognized artist who is now studying Art in Cleveland. Her large scale paintings on bedsheets are compelling, seductive and complex. The female figure is her primary concern, the work is rich and painterly, done with a high level of technical skill.

Visit her website-

In a recent interview her involvement with the international art scene is discussed:

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