Friday, January 29, 2016

The Hidden Michael Green

  Manhattan art collector and her painting acquisition, with Michael Green at her private art gallery. 2009.

 For almost 20 years, I have been Art Agent for Michael Green Senior and we've had many successes of which few people are aware. 
 Mr. Green is an amazing talent, and his work can be found in prominent collections throughout the country, including The Butler Institute of American Art, one of our country's premiere art museums. 
 In 2008 my work as his agent took some astounding leaps. Since the mid 90's I'd been working on my New York City art career and I'd met several prominent, wealthy art collectors. One of them, while visiting Youngstown on a business trip, saw some of Michael's paintings and tracked me down. We began working together to build her collection of his work. She purchased many paintings at market value and had them professionally framed at a frame shop of which I was co-owner. Having just acquired her third luxury apartment in lower Manhattan, she turned one large room into a gorgeous, professional gallery to showcase his work. Since then I've seen many photos of parties and events featuring prominent New Yorkers having a grand time in the presence Michael's beautiful paintings.
 And so, with a tip of my hat to my dear friend and business partner, Michael Green, I wish you the best for the upcoming years. We're not finished with NYC, friend, and NYC is not finished with us!


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