Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Dog Skull Monitor

                 Created in 2018 from discarded objects found on the streets of Youngstown, Ohio

                 Large dog skull. Weight and balance mechanism. Vintage computer monitor shell. Approximately 18x18x24 inches.

                 After a tap on the snout, the skull and jaw will move and bob for over 3 minutes. 

 Most of my life was lived prior to the onset of high technology and the Internet. After spending the last 15 years involved with these technologies, I have become deeply disenchanted with them. Their promises are hollow and they have created a deep sense of unease in me. 
 Some of my time is spent stripping metals from these discarded technologies and selling them as scrap for extra money. There is something so depressing about the pile of cracked plastic, broken glass and mangled motherboards. At times I feel as if I am butchering the remains of a strange biotech animal.


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