Thursday, September 17, 2015

Moonlight on the Furrows

 Moonlight on the Furrows is an oil on canvas and 40x60 inches. It was inspired my many walks in the fields on warm, Autumn nights. Originally titled Fukushima Moon, it is an agitated, irradiated landscape with the moon as antagonist. In 2012 it was shown at the Area Artist Annual, Butler Institute of American Art. In 2013 it was a featured piece in my solo exhibition, Feathers and Fence Posts, Fresh A.I.R. Gallery, downtown Columbus, Ohio. In June of 2015, DNA Gallery hosted my solo exhibition, Sol Invictus, with Moonlight on the Furrows being a featured work.

Moonlight on the Furrows. Oil on Canvas. 40x60 Inches. 2012.

     Moonlight on the Furrows. Displayed at the Butler Institute of American Art. Area Artist Annual. 2012.

My new client and current owner of Moonlight on the Furrows. 
Sol Invictus. Solo Exhibition. DNA Gallery. Downtown Warren, Ohio. June, 2015.


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