Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Shenango Valley Werewolf

Werewolf.  Acrylic on Panel. 20x16 Inches.

 Western Pennsylvania is known in the paranormal field as a hotbed for strange beings, events and supernatural activity. For 30 years I have been a paranormal researcher, focusing on Humanoids. These are creatures that have a blend of human and supernatural qualities. They can range from normal looking people with superhuman abilities to creatures like Bigfoot and Aliens. 
 One of the most fascinating to me is the Shenango Valley Werewolf, a creature that has haunted the backwoods of western Pennsylvania for decades.
 It has various names, including The Black Beast of West Middlesex and The Dog Boy. Described as frightening in appearance, it has patches of long black hair over white skin, ragged teeth, google eyes, and is about 4 feet tall. It is highly intelligent, can speak and has strange powers.
 In 2006 the book Hunting the American Werewolf (Trails Books, Madison, Wisconsin) was published. Written by renown werewolf researcher Linda Godfrey, the book deals with werewolves from across the United States.
I wrote the subchapter titled The Shenango Valley Werewolf (pages 187-188) within the main chapter The Pennsylvania Pack.

 In the summer of 2014, the national TV show Monster and Mysteries of America (Destination America, owned by Discovery Channel) came to Sharon, Pennsylvania with Linda Godfrey to do a show about the Shenango Dog Boy. I was asked to participate in the show, but due to contractual and logistical reasons, I could not participate. Below is the trailer for the Dog Boy episode:

 This TV show presents the Dog Boy as possibly a disabled child who lived in the area. However, according to the witnesses I interviewed, it is a supernatural creature.  

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